Curriculum 课程

While we don't follow our schedule rigorously, we aim to adhere to the basic, daily flow as outlined below. We focus more on establishing and maintaining a comfortable, yet flexible routine so as to foster a happy mindset that readies our children for learning, exploring and interacting. With the age range of our children, we design our daily activities and adventures with the objective of encouraging learning at every age using our unique blend of learning philosophies.

Generally speaking, our mornings are busy with activities and excursions to local parks and playgrounds, while our afternoons center around group naptimes. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are made in-house from scratch by our dedicated team members. We feed, or help feed the littlest ones, encouraging the bigger kids to eat at the table.   


 *Outings are dependent on the weather and other variables


Included in the overall cost of childcare, we prepare breakfast, a hot lunch and a morning and afternoon snack each day. We aim to use all organic ingredients and cook all the food ourselves, in-house.